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Puppy Visits/Senior Dogs

Puppy Visits

It is important in a puppy's early months that they get as much attention and socialisation as possible to ensure they grow up to be confident and well-adjusted without developing bad habits. I offer a daily visit to your home to break the day up for your new pup, which includes play, toilet break, feed, praise and reward.  I will also clean up any little accidents that have been made.


Senior Dogs

Increased time spent sleeping is common  with senior dogs. An old dog may seem content to sleep the day away, getting up only to go outside to the bathroom or for meals. While he may not be able to handle a vigorous hike like he used to, he should still get regular exercise.  As with our own bodies, exercise benefits old dogs in many ways, keeping muscles toned and minds clearer. I offer a back garden play or a gentle walk for your pet to enjoy the sights and especially the smells in the world arround him.  Any food or medication will also be given.